The fastest way to decarbonize our society.
We have combined ultra-low-cost, earth-abundant materials and a breakthrough power conversion technology in a simple and durable energy storage product to enable zero-carbon power every hour of the year, everywhere on earth.
Our Technology

System is charged

by resistive heating

Intermittent low-cost power

Thermal energy is stored at >1000°C in ultra-low-cost solid media

Antora's thermal battery

Shaped power

Heat on demand


Antora’s novel thermophotovoltaic (TPV) heat engine converts radiant heat back into firm electricity on demand


Heat can be directly discharged to supply industrial processes and district heat

Features and Advantages


Fully installed cost <$10/kWhₑ—20x lower than Li-ion batteries—enables around-the-clock power with lower LCOE than conventional resources


Solid storage medium and TPV heat engine scale by simple addition of repeated building blocks


Earth-abundant raw materials, industrially-mature supply chains, and existing manufacturing lines


Fast startup and load-following

Safe operation

No thermal runaway, fire hazard, or reactive materials

Rapid charging

Quickly soak up excess power

Long lifetime

30 year project lifetime, no cycling degradation at 100% depth of discharge

Multi-day storage

Tens to hundreds of hours of firm, dispatchable electricity


Energy density on par with Li-ion batteries enables a compact footprint and eliminates geographic and siting constraints

Zero-carbon heat

Optional on-demand discharge of process or district heat at a fraction of the cost of hydrogen and competitive with the cost of natural gas